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H elmi and Rolf has spent a long live with dogs. H elmi had berner sennen and Rolf had newfoundland-dogs. When we met Rolf had a Newfoundland called MADDIE. She was a very special "nuffe"! Here follows some pictures and texe dedicated to her life.

08.05.1999 MADDIE

Now we have got a NUFFE in the house. We knew that we could not buy a 8 month old puppy since it was only one grown up in the house. But when Kirsten Stensund in Kennel Tessmira's asked if we would like to buy "Tessmira's Joy and Pride Maddie" we were delighted. And we have got a really charming new family member! A 11 months old, kind and gentle girl.

Maybe somebody wants to see her pedigree pedigree?

The first job was to get Maddie and the rat Fredrik to accept each other.. Fredrik was not afraid of Maddie and Maddie was only curious. Within two weeks Fredrik could sit on her nose!


A newfondland dog has a lot of wool. We do not fancy the spesial table for dogs. The dining table is much better! Beate and Maddie are enjoying the treat. (Beate is proud that she managed to get Maddie on to the table all by herself!)

At least once a week Maddie needs a trm with brushes.

1 year 3.6.99!

You only celebrate one year birthday once! With a ring in the ear and shiny coat she is in full control of the cake.


Of course we had to have games and competitions. Here it is important to be the first to reach the knob by eating your way. Maddie won, probably caused by ”natural circumstances”: She has a much bigger mouth than Beate!

Her birthday gift was different kinds of chewing bones. We had to give her one at a time…! The birthday-dog had eaten 1/3 of a cream cake, so her evening dinner was skipped.


Be carefully if you ride a bike with your dog. Espessially puppies. We bought a "Springer" and tested very carefully. Maddie soon understood what it was all about, but she felt more safe when Beate was in front of her. If Beate was behind us Maddie would stop and look for her.

Of coursa I got an "L" for "learning" on my backJ
We have had a few small trips and Maddie simes to like it.

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