The No 1 cat

Hi, my name is Whisky! It is not the owner that I now have that baptized me, just so that is clear! I lived on a small farm here, but they had a German Shepherd - and it had 8 puppies! They baptized me, and maybe they thought I resembled a Whiskas cat - and I'm tricolor.
I had to move ... 8 +1 was too much! I decided to find new owners. I found them fast, but it was a big job to persuade them. They would not want me to own them! They knew the phrase "You do not own a cat, it owns you" and they were difficult to persuade. It started when I got some food. Then they made the sleeping box for me - outside. Eventually I could come in a little while in the evening. The winter of 2009-2010 was the rescue. It was so cold that they could not let me freeze out there! Now I own them!


By January 2009, I had my own door - with my own key! It took me only a few hours to find out how this worked. Now I can go in and out whenever it suits me - and it suits me best to lie down and sleep. Weeel, I have brought in some mice and a bird, but my people did not particularly appreciate it!??

Sometimes other cats try to get in. Fortunately, I am the only one who has the key to the door!


Are we going to travel?

I like to travel - I think ... In any case, I like to be in the car and the caravan. My people have taken me on a short trip. I meowed the whole time. We left my territory! But, I thought it was perfectly OK to walk on a leash. I am a little unsure if I really want to be on tour ...


What are they planning now?

There's always something happening in this house! I do not think they are about to move, but ... It's probably best to look up now. A suitcase and a moving box may mean that I must be alone in the house for a few days, and it's not funny! Fortunately we have a good neighbor, Edde, who provides fresh food supplies. But I miss: See the next picture!


Favorite lap!

Favorite lap!
Here I spend as much time as possible. After giving the obligatory lick to Helmi and have been combed I go to sleep. Sometimes Helmi also fall asleep, and we both snore! :-)


A little nap!

A little nap!
OK... Here they have taken a picture in the middle of dinner nap. It should have been sound for this picture! They say that I snore very noble.


You got to have style...

I constantly find new favorite places. Someone said I should have had the prize for the "World's most beautiful cat." I lie down here, just to show that I match this fancy stuff. I wipe my feet on the doormat and have never knocked down anything. Then they have no arguments for refusing me to find some nice places.


Bread Basket???!

So they bought a bread basket - they thought!;-) At the bottom of the basket, it says "Small crumbs are also bread." But, it never came any bread in this basket! It fit me perfect, and here I have a view of the road and the kitchen.


At work - 1

I have a job!
In addition to fixe mice and birds, I have a good grip on the scanner. It is important that the paper in the scanner lie flat and still. I fix that.
What? Do I have to move to help you get the sheet??


At work - 2

Here I am working, or...?
This job is to prevent Helmi from researching more relatives in the evening. The trick is to block both the keyboard and mouse (??!) so she gives up.


At work - 3

At undercover mission!
My territory is sometimes attacked by big animals! I do not really understand why these animals get food here, but when I think back to my "outdoor-life" - before I moved in, maybe it's not entirely wrong. I hope they dont let the deers into the house .....


Vann, eller...

Expanded territory!
Now I have access to the coffee table. And there is dad's water jug. This is called "The Famous Grouse". Wonder if it's water or whiskey in it ...



After an additional control: There is water.
Now I have a bowl on the table, and he pours water from the jug. Very good water! But, I do not think I will try to mix with whisky ...

Vann, eller...

Advent - what is that?
In December they began with cardboard boxes again :-( I do not like the situation,
And another thing: Do you see the box to the right in the picture? It contains two mouse traps and have a front door for mice! I'm good at catching mice, and sometimes I take them home alive. If they are hiding under a couch I'd rather catch a new one than to wait forever. These mice are trapped, but I do not understand the problem ...

Well. You joined me so far:-) Dad is still around with the camera, so it is possible that here is more to come.

Whisky left us 26.05.2013. Her last chapter you can read HERE